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Trump’s win: time to look beyond the US

November 9, 2016

In this short video, Matthew Beesley, Head of Global Equities, discusses the market implications of Trump’s presidential win. After an initial panic, investors are now buying some areas on price falls. He explains where he sees investment opportunities and threats.

Key points:

  • Result probably confirms more bearish fears that the US economy, having been one of the world’s strongest, may be due a pause. 
  • The dollar could weaken, having had a strong run, if interest rate rises are pushed back.
  • Rather than focus on US equities, where valuation premia are high, there could be select opportunities for investors in some emerging markets – potentially Brazil, Korea, and India.
  • There is every chance US business confidence may be shaken, so Matthew expects the outlook for 2017 to be more cautious.
  • With a Trump presidency and a Republican House, there has been a relief rally in healthcare stocks and movement in the energy sector.